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To order our resources online you need to be logged in. If you already have an assessor login and password, click on the login button on this page and enter your user name and password. If you are a MITO Registered Assessor and have not previously logged in, then click on the login button on this page and follow the links to create a new password. Contact us for further details about becoming a MITO Registered Assessor. 

For more information about ordering our resources please contact us on 0800 88 21 21 or email resourceorders@mito.org.nz.

We have an extensive range of resources you can purchase including, assessment materials and schedules, study guides, trainer packs and trainee activity books. 

We also have the following resources available for purchase.

NZ Transport Agency approved resources:

  • Candidate packs (includes study guide, activity booklet and assessment schedule)
  • Assessment only schedules
  • Marking guides
  • Forklift and Dangerous Goods resources
  • Trainer packs (includes trainer guide, study guide, activity booklets, marking guide and assessment schedules)

Other resources available for purchase:

  • Skills for Driving Trucks
  • Approved Handler
  • Transport of Bulk Dangerous Resources 
  • Transport of Passengers with Special Needs LCP
  • School Bus Driver LCP
  • Heavy Haulage (BESS) Resources
  • Pilot Resources
  • Road Transport Study Guides